From: "Judea Pearl"
Cc: "Judea Pearl"
Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2021 6:47:30 PM
Subject: Academic Freedom Committee and our Letter to President Drake

Dear Colleagues,
The Fall quarter brings with it both a doubly hostile environment for Jewish students on campus and a reminder that our Letter to Drake has not been acted on.

Below, please find my correspondence with Susanne Lohmann, UCLA representative on the Senate Committee for Academic Freedom CAF, to which President Drake has deferred our complaint about the AAS department action.

The correspondence describes what we are up against, and I really cannot think of any constructive actions we can take at this point, till we hear back from the CAF.

Press report: The LA Times has declined to cover the issue. The Forward will cover it in October. I am not sure therefore how aware our students are of our efforts on their behalf because, as you know, we can't communicate with students directly.

One channel of communication is till available to us, my Twitter account @yudapearl, on which I am moderating a lively discussion on what goes on at UCLA, USC, UCI, and other campuses. You are welcome to join, and please encourage your students to follow, so that they be assured of our backing.

Shanna Tovah and stay sane,

Judea Pearl
UCLA Computer Science Department
4515 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596