From: "Judea Pearl"
Cc: "Anna Krylov" , "Rabbi Aaron Lerner" , "Judea Pearl"
Sent: Friday, October 8, 2021 5:07:18 AM
Subject: Re: Update on Campus happenings

Dear all,
Welcome to the Fall Quarter and the battle on UCLA soul.

In case you were not aware of the recent graffiti found in Bunch Hall, here is a Jewish Journal story followed by my tweet:

As you can see, the complaining student, Carmel Abramov, is pleading with VC Spain-Bradley to issue a statement condemning antisemitism on campus. This puts Spain-Bradley in a difficult dilemma. If she does, it would mean that pro-Palestinian slogans like "From the River to the Sea" are considered antisemitic, which would enrage CAIR's lawyers (and some of our learned professors). If she just condemns the vandalism, and not its content, why do we need an EDI office? Campus police can do a better job.

I am sure, however, that she won't mention Zionism or Israel, for this would be interpreted as "taking sides", God forbid. Glad I am not a Vice Chancellor. Actually, I would not mind taking the job for two-three weeks, establish norms, clean up the mess, and get back to research.

Wishing you a fruitful quarter,

Judea Pearl
UCLA Computer Science Department
4515 Boelter Hall
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